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Revolutionary Productions Artists & Musicians Cooperative

A Brief History & Overview

Revolutionary Productions (& Revolutionary Records) was originally formed in the later days of 1986, by a group of struggling young bands that were feeling disenfranchised by the local & national music industry. The primary focus of this seminal "core" group was to pool their abilities, recourses, and expertise in order to produce shows, recordings, and help each other out with shameless self promotion of their bands locally and regionally. The goal of this activity, was to circumvent the "Glorified Banking System" of the major music industry, and thereby gain access to the public through grassroots efforts.

Before a year passed, other bands and artistically minded fans were clamoring to join the budding self help cooperative group. They all came with a similar goal, to contribute their time, recourses and efforts to give these bands & artists (including themselves) access to the needed facilities and promotion to bring their work to the public. Making it possible to gain local and regional notoriety without having to become "Indentured Servants" to the industrial monolith that is the music industry.

In the long years since R.P.A.M.C. was formed, we have remained completely volunteer operated. Which is to say that their is not a single "employee" of the "label", or any other member of the staff, that is not in one of the bands, an artist for cover art and flyers, recording engineer, web guru, writer, silk screener, or photographer etc., trading effort & recourses for the same in return. In short this is a "artists helping artists", self help cooperative, with a recording studio, production company, and on staff artists & mentors, as some of its many recourses. Unfortunately, in the many years since R.P.A.M.C. was formed, we have continuously struggled to obtain a 501(c)(3) non profit status, and have yet to fully secure it. So we continue to operate as a "Not For Profit" entity until that situation resolves itself.

Over the years,, through repeated successes, we have seen that any bands, given the proper recourses, that put their efforts behind themselves, effectively forge inroads to the public at large, both locally and regionally. This is also the most important first step into the larger music industry. Naturally the pacific northwest is an ideal place to make a grassroots jump like this, if a band should so desire, as the media spotlight routinely shines itself this way. Ultimately, being equipped with real experiences, and a regional following, is the only way to bridge into major label success without becoming automatically mired in the "indentured servitude" of the glorified banking system that is major record labels, managers, producers and promoters.

Today, R.P.A.M.C. is effectively a full service record label, recording studio, management company, production company, promotions agency, merchandise and promotional materials manufacturing facility, among other things. Co-Op members now include seasoned professionals in the field, with plenty of applicable life/job experience, to fill the role of mentor to younger bands who find themselves where the original "core" group did way back in 1986.

In summary, Revolutionary Productions Artists and Musicians Cooperative is the place where new & seasoned Garage bands from Jr.HighSchool age, to Sr. Citizens have come for nearly two decades to make music, and promote themselves. Easily making a huge regional splash for their efforts, while quietly flying under the radar of high priced major industry players, who are poised to sap their money, and the fun from the whole experience.

We hope that this little dissertation on our background, and goals helps you understand what the Revolutionary Productions Artists and Musicians Cooperative is all about.

Revolutionary Records Artists And Musicians Co-Op Recourses & Possibilities:

1) the "Studio"
Our Recording facility is basically a 16 track 1" analog format studio, with a 24x8 mixing console, all courtesy of Tascam. We can mix up to 48 combined track of MIDI and analog down to a number of formats including 1/4" stereo analog reel to reel, CD, DAT, Cassette, etc. We have a full range of high level audio processing gear (both digital & analog), and a full compliment of microphones (vintage to new). The studio room is very live, with great sound and a comfortable, "at home" feel. The control room is cozy, and well equipped, along with a seasoned Producer / engineer, at no additional cost.

2) The "Live Shows"
As I have already detailed, we have a full compliment of PA gear and lights, and a substantial selection of backline gear (oftentimes also available at the studio). We also have many other items "On call" from volunteer bands and tech.'s that have volunteered their equipment and services.

3)Everything Else!!
How is that possible? We have a virtually unlimited ability to bargain resources, and volunteers in trade for other services, equipment usage, photography, etc. We also have a host of ready volunteers in most every Music industry related field, practicing professionals, students, and amateurs alike. Truthfully it is merely a matter of some networking, and most any goal can be set into motion. Many of our resources are so under-used right now, but it is only a matter of finding the "Band in Need".

Revolutionary Records


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